What’s a Good Dog Breed

Training Ease: All dogs can be trained, its just that some dog breeds take more time than other dog
breeds. Make it a point to get a dog breed that trains according to your ease. Otherwise, you will end up with a dog that requires a lot of training and a owner who does not have a single minute to spare for the dog.

Affection: It is a misconception that all dogs are playful. Some dogs are quite unsociable and may cause problems whenever your friends, family or relatives walk into your house. Therefore, make it a point to keep your social life in question while deciding on the pet dog that you are thinking about. You would not want to be known as ‘that man with his dog’, right?

Security Level: While choosing your dog breed, think about what you want your dog to be. If you wish your dog to be a security guard for you, make sure you do not end up with a lap dog.

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