My Great Drill

Makita BDF452HW 18-Volt Compact Lithium-Ion Driver Drill Kit

This is a great drill. I first bought the 3ah version, BDF451, then bought this one because I hang a lot of drywall and wanted something lighter. I sometimes almost forget it’s in my hand. It powers spade bits through joists no prob–in fact, the bit snagged once and the drill just about ripped my hand off my arm. It’s smaller, it’s lighter, and true, the battery lasts half as long, but there’s no lack of power. Plus mine came with a rebate for a free third battery, so with two batteries cooking at any given time, there’s always power laying around with the bigger batteries fitting the white tool (plus, and I don’t know if this affects my warranty but, the smaller batteries fit in the blue tools if you chisel off that little square tab inside the rails where the battery slides on–not that I would recommend such a practice for, say, a circ saw, but there’s no need for that big honkin battery on the flashlight). Only thing I think could be better is the VS–the trigger’s a little too binary for my taste.

Brand : Milwaukee , Makita , Dewalt , Dremel ,


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